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Andreas Hastedt is working as manager of Machinery Ring Harburg since 2003.

He grew up on his parent`s farm and after practical education on different farm companies and agricultural studies he started his career as the assistant manager of Machinery Ring Harburg in 1990.

In 26 years of practical Machinery Ring work Mr. Hastedt created a lot of ideas of agricultural teamwork between farmers in his region in all size classes from 5-500 ha. He made experiences in organizing agricultural value chains for downstream markets as the sugar industry, biogas plants or vegetable production.

From 2004 until today Mr. Hastedt developed renewable energy projects with local farmers in Machinery Ring Harburg. As a result of this in 2009 he started a renewable study at Hamburg University of Applied Science to improve his knowledge in energy production, distribution and markets. He graduated as M.Sc. Renewable Energy. Since 2016 he teaches “Logistics of biomass” at the same university.

In 2004 Mr. Hastedt became a board member of the regional organization of Machinery Rings in Lower Saxonie, in 2012 the board membership of the German Association of Machinery Rings followed. In this role he is contact person to many Machinery Rings in Germany as well for international relations.

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Andreas Hastedt