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Dr. Enamul Haque


Dr. Enamul Haque (Panellist). Since 2011, Dr Haque has been serving as Adjunct Associate Professor, Murdoch University, Australia, and the Coordinator of Conservation Agriculture Project in Bangladesh. During 1994 to 2011 he has served as a Cropping System Agronomist in CIMMYT Conservation Agriculture (CA) program. He led to establish the platform with agricultural scientists, extentionists, farmers and private entrepreneurs to work together for CA-based technology development and refinements, technology validation and adoption; mass promotion and commercialization. Contributed significantly to develop of new technologies i.e., CA-based Resource Conservation Technologies (RCT); system based crop management; seed production and preservation of rice, wheat, maize, lentil, mungbean, and triticale; farm machineries – minimum tillage planter (PTOS), zero tillage planter, bed planter, potato planter, versatile multi-crop planter (VMP), versatile strip seed drill, rice-wheat reaper, mobile fodder and straw chopper, pulses de-husking mill, etc. Developed networking and established more than 5,000 service providing farmers groups (small agricultural contractors) for dissemination of CA-based RCT; seed production, preservation and marketing that covered about 500,000 farmers. Contributed to develop the technology transfer tools i.e., wheat whole family training program, maize whole family training program, triticale whole family training program, CA-based RCT training program, service providers model for farm machinery mass promotion.

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Dr. Enamul Haque